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Wireless Cute Cat Ears Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, Stereo Sound, Mic, TF Card Support – Perfect Earphone Birthday Gift for Kids and Girls

Wireless Cute Cat Ears Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, Stereo Sound, Mic, TF Card Support – Perfect Earphone Birthday Gift for Kids and Girls

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Introducing the Wireless Cute Cat Ears Headphones with a delightful blend of features that cater to every music enthusiast. These headphones deliver on both style and substance, offering a unique and eye-catching design alongside top-notch audio performance. Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes, gaming, or diving into an intense workout, these headphones are your ideal companions.

Product Highlights:

  • Cat Ears Bluetooth Headphones: The playful cat ear design adds a touch of charm to your music experience, making these headphones perfect for kids and those who appreciate a bit of whimsy.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Technology: With the latest Bluetooth technology, these headphones provide a stable and seamless wireless connection, ensuring you stay connected to your music without interruptions.

  • Flash LED Kids Headphones: The built-in LED lights create a captivating visual experience, especially appealing to younger users, making them an excellent choice for children's gifts.

  • Portable and Foldable: The headphones are designed to be portable and foldable, making them easy to carry and store when you're on the move.

  • High-Fidelity Music Earphone: These headphones deliver high-quality sound with 40mm drivers, ensuring that your music sounds rich and immersive.

  • Wired and Wireless Modes: Use them wirelessly with Bluetooth or switch to the included 3.5mm audio cable for a wired connection, providing versatility for different situations.

  • Active Noise Cancelling: Enjoy your music without distraction, thanks to active noise-cancelling technology.

  • Supports TF Card: Play music directly from a TF card, providing an additional source of music without the need for a paired device.

  • Compatible with All Smartphones: These headphones work seamlessly with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other popular smartphone brands.

  • Wide Functionality: Whether you're into monitoring, gaming, or just seeking high-quality audio for a wide range of activities, these headphones are up to the task.

  • Certified Quality: With CE certification and a choice of support for various functions, these headphones meet your expectations for quality and performance.

  • Fast and Flexible: With support for wholesale, direct sales, and swift delivery, these headphones are designed to meet your needs with efficiency.

Embrace your unique style with Cat Ears Bluetooth Headphones, designed to cater to the young at heart. Perfect for children's gifts or those who appreciate a playful touch in their audio accessories, these headphones seamlessly blend style, quality, and convenience for an enhanced listening experience.


Packing List:

1x Wireless Headphones
1x User Manual
1x Charging Cable
1x Retail Box

Product Details:

1.Battery capacity: 360mAh
2.Use time: 5H (light on) -7H (light off)
3.Standby time: 200H
4.Charging time: 2H
5.Use distance: 15m
6.Speaker: 40mm
7.Frequency response: 20Hz-22KHz


1. Bluetooth + MP3 function support stereo music playing, phone calling.
2. Support all audio devices that have Bluetooth capability, such as, cell phone ,tablet PC,laptop,computer etc.
3. 3.5mm audio jack, provides a simple wired connection of a variety of devices without Bluetooth.
4. Allow you to answer or reject phone calls anytime and anywhere.
5. Charged via USB, rechargeable battery, convenient and practical.
6. Playing time up to 8~10 hours, and continue talk time up to 8 hours, standby time up to 148 hours.
7. Good quality, foldable design and adjustable length hinges, very comfortable to wear and easy to carry.
8. Best choice for listening music, watching movie, chatting online etc.
9. With SD card insert,without any bluetooth device,can still enjoy music any time any where.
10. Rainbow color cat earphones, children's holiday gift earphones.

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